Musicshake API Overview

Musicshake API

The Musicshake API for developers is a RESTful web service that responds in JSON and provides MP3 files as download and streams.
It was made for sites and services in need of royalty free music. We offer access to a library of over 10,000 songs and let users find the perfect track for any occasion.

What can I do with Musicshake API

As a developer and provider of an online service, you may want to add music that can be combined with your core features.
Unless you have a team of musicians or have access to a paid library of licensed music, adding good songs to your services can be a challenge.
The current version of the API is specifically targeted towards providing background music for visuals; namely, videos and slide shows.
Use the API's search and browsing features to find the right music

Where does all this music come from?

Musicshake uses its custom in-house samples and a proprietary Music Robot technology to generate thousands of unique songs in 12 different genres. A new set of songs get added to the library on a regular basis.

Want to learn more?

Check out the documentation section to learn about the details. For a good example of implementing the API, check out our widgets (widget 1, widget 2) built with all the methods provided in the API.

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